GitLab and go get

I was trying to run go get on a git repository hosted on a private GitLab instance. This repository was stored under a sub-group. I was working from a non-default branch. Since it is a monorepo the module/package was in a subdirectory. So a combination of four factors complicated matters for me.

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Swift FAQs

These Frequently Asked Questions are for those starting to learn Swift. As I start my journey I have a lot of questions. I'm documenting those here from the perspective of someone who has been programming for a long time in Python and has worked in other languages when needed (e.g. bash, Groovy, Go, PowerShell, etc.).

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Learn Go with Examples

I always wanted to spend more time learning Go. After a long break I finally got a chance to take it up seriously. The best lesson for me was to not learn it from scratch like I did with my first programming language. I learned a few basics first from the official documentation and Learn Go Programming - Golang Tutorial for Beginners. Since I'm already well experienced in writing good sized code bases in Python, I decided to dive right in and implement a project on top of Azure SDK. One big advantage of this approach was that I could learn from working examples in Azure documentation and build my knowledge over time. The second advantage was that I was building something useful right away that kept my motivation up; I wasn't building some abstract thing where I also needed to conjure a problem and solution.

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Handle SIGHUP with Python asyncio

Python's asyncio enables a variety of use cases and workflows. In this post we'll explore the ability to send a SIGHUP signal so one async task (or more) can reload its configuration and continue. It's similar in concept to the nginx -s reload command where nginx reloads its configuration without restarting.

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Apply Patch to OpenBSD

Do a search and you'll find very little official comprehensive tutorial-type documentation on how to apply one or more patches to OpenBSD. The information is spread among different manual pages and such.

As described in Security updates FAQ:

While applying fixes from the errata page typically requires less time
than a CVS checkout/update and rebuild, there is no universal set of
instructions to follow. Sometimes you must patch and recompile one
application, sometimes more.

Here's how I patched an OpenBSD 6.3 system running on Cubox i4-pro with 32GB MicroSD card in July of 2018.

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