.. title: aikchar.dev .. slug: index .. date: 2014-10-14 17:24:07 UTC .. updated: 2019-03-07 02:07:03 UTC .. tags: .. link: .. description: .. type: text Blog ================ I write about technology in my `blog `_. Projects ================ `pytest-hidecaptured `_ A plugin for pytest to hide captured output (stdout and stderr). It is available on pypi: `pip install pytest-hidecaptured `_. `brokerlso `_ A small library to create parts of Qpid Management Framework (QMF) version 2 messages. It is available on pypi: `pip install brokerlso `_. `Seagull `_ Seagull is a free, Open Source (GPL) multi-protocol traffic generator test tool. Forked to build on recent versions of Ubuntu and CentOS with patches.